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dem strierts near downtown cairo. security forces have been clashing with protester who's are angry with the lathes decree from hamid morsi. morsi giving himself almost ax slut power dosuspending judicia review of any decision he makes bringing instability to the fragile middle east. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> it's a move threatening to plunge egypt into the kind of turmoil not seen since the fall of former egyptian leader
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mubarek. protestors saying morsi has declared himself the new faro and they are calling for a change in egypt's ruling regime. steve hair again is live from kie rope. >> the number of protestors building once again behind me. the number of several,000. we have seen squirm michiganis through out t-- skirmishes toda. it has been a cat and mouse game through out the day with police charging and retreating to come back a short time later. they are using large concrete blocks to build walls and protecting government buildings as well. two things to keep an eye on. they say they will not go back to work until the president repeals his decree a decree that puts him beyond the reach of the court so it could shut down prosecutions across the country.
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the egyptian stock market plunged 10 percent today. such a dramatic plunge has not been seen since mubarek was over thrown one year ago. >> thank you very much for that live report from cairo. >> it has been nearly two years after they over through they are asking iffy egypt is better off with morsi and the muslim brotherhood. ambassador to the united nations john bolton joins us and joins us about this time every sunday. good morning ambassador. >> good morning. glad to be with you. >> as always. he calls what morsi did an unprecedented assault. others say the military should move in. what do you think could happen? >> i think the turmoil could well increase. morsi and the muslim brotherhood see it as not ex em player of
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fair minded group of judges but as the last strong hold of the mubarek era. it was the judges who through out the elections that had elected a parliament that was comprised of 75 percent supporters of the muslim brotherhood and even more extreme parties. morsi was trying to prevent the constitution writing exercise from being dismissed by the judg judges. in that sense this is a life and death struggle between what's left of the mubarek hold overs and that is key. from there the united states because of decades of ex tense i have military aid still has a lot of judges that's where we exert is it to get it back in control. that's where we give up a lot from relying on morsi. it is no coincidence he waited almost 24-hours after announcing
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the gaza cease fire from proceeding with these radical steps. he thinks he has a freehand. >> what should the administration do? do you think they gave him this so-called freehand that he has now used? >> i would like to know what the last conversations were with secretary of state clinton in egypt. even if they didn't give him a wink and a nod he clearly feels emboldened. i think the only way to get his attention is to stop economic assistance to forget about any effort at loan forgiveness to call into question whether the imf will approve the agreement assigned to egypt to provide economic assistance. you can see the effect of what morsi did on the stack market in egypt. the 10 percent decline. that should get his attention. >> seems that is it when you deal with morsi. >> the economic stick is key.
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he is governing egypt and he has to worry about the economy tanking. i wouldn't rule out a deal between the military and muslim brotherhood. may seem like they are opposites but they may find a way of living together that excludes the pro democracy fashiction wh is the smallest operating in egypt now. the military and brotherhood may have different objectives. that would be the worst outcome of all. >> why would that be? >> because it would give the brotherhood political dominance inside egypt. i think that would call into question the camp david accord with israel, a peace treaty we have relied on from middle eastern stability for the past 30 years. it would put more see in a position as head of the brotherhood to aid hamas and other radical groups through out the arab world. that would be for u.s. pro
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western abe rap regimes and israel as well. >> president obama was issuing glowing reviews of mr. moresy. talked to him over 6 times. here is a quote before the power grab. mr. obama told aids he was impressed with the pragmatic confidence. tested engineer's precision with surprisingly little ideology. most importantly he told aids he considered mr. morsi a straight shooter. your reaction? >> if in fact the new york times report is correct it shows this is simple. it shows blindness on the part of the president that he doesn't understand what motivates morsi, doesn't understand that basic ideology, it shows he does not understand the muslim brotherhood's objectives. with that kind of blindness as i think he demonstrated in other foreign policy areas it is very
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difficult in fact impossible to formulate effective american policy. it is a bad, bad sign for the u.s. and the middle east in the weeks and months ahead. >> just live with moresy and the muslim brotherhood no matter what they do? i would like to know in all of these they have with president morsi what was it that gave morsi the view that he would have a freehand to try this particular gamut that he announced on our thanksgiving of all days to essentially side line the political opposition. it generated a lot of opposition. he may not be able to succeed on all of it do you think he sees it as a reward for brokering the truce. >> he feels the moment was right
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to show his true colors. the idea that muslim brotherhood is some what mild and responsible they have radical i say almostists they have a particular view of the role of religion in domestic life in egypt. i am afraid a damaging view toward american security interests as the middle east as a whole. >> there's the warning islamists on the rise at the expense of our country. ambassador, always good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> there's another dangerous developing situation in the middle east. israeli spy satellites reportedly spotting an iranian shiping with loaded with rockettes. some analysts believe the deadly cargo is bound for gaza. that could threaten a fragile cease fire between israel and hamas militants. david lee miller is live with more. >> the implementation of the israeli gaza cease fire is being
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discussed. there is a new report that suggests iran is in the process of supplying gaza militants with new weapons. according to the sunday times of london israelis by satellite spotted cargo being loaded on a ship in iran that includes rockettes. those are the very same rockettes that mill cants in gaza fired to reach tel aviv and jerusalem. military is believed to have destroyed much of the stockpile. they say the ship will likely be escorted by an iranian war ship. israel says it will destroy any weapons headed to gaza. it says the cargo ship might contain longer range ballistic missiles to be destroyed instead used again israel. hamas' leadership with the help of iran it will continue to rebuild it's arsenal. workers in gaza are now rebuilding smuggling tunnels two-thirds of which were destroyed by the israel aair strikes. according to iran's official
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news agency iran's president called hamas' prime minister to congratulate him on a great victory. he also said we stand by the palestinian people. lastly an islamic religious leader is speaking out to support to cease fire influential clerics violating the truth as a sin honoring an agreement is the duty of all gazians. the truth does remain in place it remains shaky>> david miller there in jerusalem. >> into pakistan where an explosion tore through a religious procession that blast killing 6 people and wounding 90 others. the taliban is claiming responsibility for that attack. their religious procession commemorated the 7th century death of the prophet mohammed's grandson. we are following a tragic story
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that continues to follow there. a fire killed 112 people at a garment factory. sadly that number is expected to rise. also reportedly no emergency exits at the factory that trapped many workers inside. some of those killed died from jumping out of the upper floor windows. firefighters say they do not know what caused the fire but it started in a ground floor warehouse and suddenly engulfed the upper floors. all right let's bring it back home for a moment. near ago critical moment in washington as president obama gears up for a new round of talks with congressional leaders over the fiscal cliff. lawmakers are running out of time to strewniike a deal to av across the board spending cuts and major tax hikes. what will it take for both sides to reach a compromise. here is washington times columnist. >> let's start here. yesterday was small business saturday. should we fall off this fiscal
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cliff how would it effect the small businesses in this country? >> well, i think right now, ar they will. that's t -- arthel that's the big question. most have no idea what they are facing. if all of the bush tax cuts do expire as they are slated to do then small business owners would be looking at massive tax hikes across the boards. right now they are filling out their budgets for the following year doing something congress has not been able to do in years. but they are filling out their budget. if they think they are facing a huge tax hike, what they are going to do is they are not going to hire people. they are going to lay people off. we have this other new aspect to all of it which is they are going to triple worker's hours so they can avoid the new obama care tax that is slated to kick in. >> tell me this because we do talk about the small businesses. we want them to be alive and
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vibrant. what percentage of small businesses would be effected if the tax rates did increase? >> well, based on what president obama has said so far, he would not allow taxes to go up for anybody that makes less than 250,000 dollars. >> i understand. i am aware of the cutoff. i am asking you what percentage of small businesses would fall under the knife. that's the big debate between republicans and president obama. the point republicans make is since so many perhaps a majority of small businesses file as individual tax holders -- taxpayers because they are -- they sensibly work for themselves and companies and then they hire people who work for them. they will fall into that category of above 250,000 dollars and it is unclear -- president obama refutes that and
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says that the most small businesses and companies. with tax hikes if a bush tax cuts expire. tell me about how the political file would be sliced? they want to protect the entitlement programs because of the people who depend on them. by the way guys obama care is not even ang option. don't go there talking about getting rid of that or trying to repeal it. >> i think what republicans -- i don't think they want to cut entitlement programs i think what they are trying to do, anybody who is dealing with reality right now can look at the spending curves of social security and medicare and medicaid and see that they are going towards bankruptcy.
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social security for example right now congress has for so long been stealing money from the social security fund. we are years away from that flipping so that your taxes to pay social security. >> let me jump in. i understand that argument as well in terms of having the entitlement programs basically bankrupt the system. not saying the gop wants to cut it across the board they want to limit it. talk to the people, though, we start to hear social security going out the window and some of the entitlement programs going by the wayside. makes people nervous. talk to people in terms of understanding not really a way to try to panic but certainly a p compromise. >> i would argue it is time to panic. they need to do something drastic. every moment you wait to do something it will be harder to do something when it comes time to do something.
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politicians are scared of their own shadows very often which is why we are in the problem we are in. that's why they have to address things. i think there are some things they could do that would be very responsible and adult like such as raising retirement age for those people who are 55 and lower. they could do other things that would probably not be felt by -- in real adverse ways by too many people that would go a long way to solving the problems that we have. >> bottom line charlie, seems like you are saying, pardon me but there is wiggle room for compromise. yes or no? put you on the spot. do you feel optimistic they are going to reach a compromise there president obama will be meeting with congressional leaders this week. you think we are going to avoid the fiscal cliff? yes or no? >> let me say i think they will arrive at a deal, but -- it is
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yes. but i don't think the deal they will arrive at will be the long-term fixes we need. >> yes with a parenthetical condition. charlie hurt thank you very much for your analysis this morning. good to see you. thanks. >> ar they will, how would you like to be off the shore of miami beach or in your multi million dollar yacht. the world is great. guess what happens? it goes done in flames. look at this dramatic video of this boat that caught on fire out at sea. the crew in danger. what happened? coming up next. >> new concerns for millions of americans looking for work. could unemployment be a health risk? >> the doctors are in in sunday house calls. can i help you? i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office.
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>> some amazing video shot off the coast of miami. here it is an 80 foot yacht in flames and sinking into the ocean. three people jumped into the water to escape the flames. there's no word of the cause of the fire at this point. coast guard was there as the flames broke out. they were preparing to board the ship to make a routine inspection. the ship owner is making plans to salvage the ship. good news is there are no injuries reported.
7:22 am
thankfully. well an exclusive fox news sunday interview republican senator john mccain weighing in on the developing situation in egypt. last week the president gaye praise for helping broker the cease fire between israel and hamas. now he is being condemned as officials give absolute power to morsi. >> we thank mr. morsi who probi brokered a cease fire which is incredibly fragile. this is not what the american taxpayers expect. our dollars will be directly related to the progress toward democracy which you promised the people of egypt when your party had a newly elected president. >> fox news sunday chris wallace. >> good morning, chris. >> what does the senate think
7:23 am
they should do? >> secretary clinton praised morsi late last week when he helped broker the cease fire between hamas and israel. as soon as he left within 24-hours he had issued the emergency decree which gives him basically unchecked power and says the courts which had been serving as a check no longer review his decrees or stop his actions. that is what has sent thousands of protestors back into the streets. he says as praising the united states they get tough within this week. the president and secretary of state clinton and beyond rhetoric they have to threaten we sepend billions in economic aid and military aid a big debt forgiveness thing in the international community. there is a lot of leverage we have on morsi. he says if we don't stop now, he believes that this could conceivably come an islamic coup
7:24 am
toward the lieder of the muslim brotherhood. >> any indication from the white house what they plan to do if they plan on doing anything? >> we haven't heard that yet. you can be sure hearing this kind of pressure from mccain and other people not only republican critics but democrats as well and of course being the people with whom we were aligned in helping it was time for mubarek to go a lot of the liberal secular people who were back in the square i think will put pressure on the administration to put pressure if he doesn't back down. >> we had john bowden on he is curious to find out what was being whispered between secretary of state hillary clinton and the senator when they sat down. why after 24-hours morsi gave this decree. >> the only thing we know is what came out of the state department and from the traveling party with secretary clinton.
7:25 am
they said it was a total surprise. it was no word at all. she was there, got on the plane to fly back home. within 24-hours morsi had taken those actions. one wonders did morsi do it because he had the support the approval of the world community who decided who was going to take these actions. >> finally secretary of state that job will be open susan rice of course being mentioned as a frontrunner to senator mccain. >> it was interesting. he backed off that a little bit. he had in the past obviously very critical of the comments being made when he went on the sunday shows including fox news sunday which is a spontaneous demonstration that was hijacked. at one point a couple weeks ago he said he would do everything quote in his power to block her if the president could name her. this week she spoke at the u.n. and said i think some of the
7:26 am
things that mccain has said about me are unfair or inaccurate i think is the word she used. i look forward to speaking with him. none of this really matters she is not named secretary of state. i asked mccain about it if she is named i have an open mind and i will listen to what she has to say. not quite as categorical about the fact that he would have his nomination. >> always good to see you. >> thanks for joining us. >> for more of chris' exclusive interview is john mccain only on fox news sunday which is right here on the fox news channel later today at 6:00 p.m. and 9 eastern time. >> with millions struggling unemployment can be hazardous to your health. a new study calling in to question the effectiveness of mammograms. yes, once again mammograms on the docket here. when should women get them and how often?
7:27 am
taking your questions on this. join our chat. are you hearing different things about mammograms? the doctors are here to sort it all out. [ male announcer ] are you considering a new medicare plan?
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to learn about medicare plans that may be right for you. call now. ♪ >> time now for sunday health call. joining us is vice-chairman of the department of urology and chief of robotics at mount sinai medical center. >> and associate professor of medicine at nyu medical center and aut thrower of the inner pulse unlocking the secret code to sickness and health. doctors, good morning. we all stuffed our faces with turkey and we are doing okay. >> good to see you both. let's start with this. there are new concerns for millions of americans unemployed and looking for work. a new study linking unemployment or employment instability to potential heart failure.
7:32 am
doctor this doesn't surprise me but you are the dock. give me the details on this. >> it is an having study. we always guess maybe stress from losing your job can cause heart attack. we haven't been able to show it. we are showing archives in internal medicine looked at 13,000 participants and the follow up is about 13 years which is unique. this study doesn't prove it just shows association if you lose your job especially the first time there is increase of 30 percent, 35 percent chance of heart attack. if that happens four times you are ready for this? 63 percent chance of heart attack which is incredible. we don't know exactly what the phenomenon and the theory behind this is possibly the hormones from the stress can do this, maybe you lose your insurance, you are not going to really have access to healthcare. maybe you lose some financial crisis you may not be eating healthy gdiet or lose your membership to the gym. nobody knows.
7:33 am
what's important if you are losing -- if you lost your job some of the symptoms of anxiety, depression can be similar to heart attack. you may get chest pain short of breath recognizing it and not dismissing it is extremely important. with heart attack the sooner you get to the doctor the better the outcome is going to be. it's an interesting study we can learn from this. if you are not happy with your job stay put. the effect on your heart is a lot worse. >> doctor, i image age plays a factor into it, too as well. >> absolutely. what's unique about this it's the first time we have looked at the couple latif cumulative eff. there's a 35 percent increased risk of heart attack when you lose your job. over the 18 years the number of times you lose your job increases your risk of a problem of a heart attack. a thousand heart attacks in the 13,000 people studied. the reasons are twofold because
7:34 am
of lifestyle issues you don't exercise when you lose your job you don't eat write you don't sleep right you worry there's anxiety all of which increases your heart rate and blood pressure increases your cholesterol because you are not eating right. increases your risk of a heart attack. the second reason. a lot of us have been writing about this what about the stress more moans itself. your body is releasing these. >> the way mark deals with this more than i do but the way i would think he looks at this now is the risk factor is as bad as smoking and in fact what they are saying is if you haven't been inspired lost their job compared to somebody lost their job four times nonsmoker verses
7:35 am
smoker somebody will come to his office i am sure he is going to look at him as a different person. this person is under a lot of pressure and has high risk. you want to study them carefully. >> we don't need a two-fer. if you are losing your job don't compound the problem by increasing your risk of apahear attack. the last thing you need when you are out of work is heart disease. >> good advice. another startling study happened last week. for parents with teens it has to do with teenagers now increasingly using the muscle enhancing products more so than ever before. why is this such a danger? >> this is out of minneapolis minnesota. it was a survey. 235 questions asked to teen boys. we have spent a lot of time even on this show focusing on teen girls and how about their body image. so it's good to look at teen boys and say what are they thinking? what the study showed over 90 percent of them are trying to
7:36 am
build up muscle mass. they want to look buff. they are think being celebrities looking that way people wiare working out they want to workout. it showed increase risk of using protein powder. 13 percent of the boys use protein powder. there's a suggestion it could increase your risk of using anabolic steroids. taking protein in and of itself isn't a big deal. you can have protein supplements they are not going to hurt you. >> that's okay if you are a teen? >> it won't hurt you. among those that were doing it there's a question of whether they ate as well. i don't want to use protein supplements to build up the body and not even well bansed meals. kids that are sports teams are twice as likely to use the supplements. i am worried about not eating when using these supplements. will this lead to moran bollic steroid use.
7:37 am
i would like teens to do cardiovascular exercise i like them on the elliptical and the bike. this is what i believe in. that improves your heart. the idea of building upper body mass up may make you more attractive to young women but it's not as healthy. >> if you have the large muscle groups develop it helps burn calories through out the day as well. i don't know if there is anything wrong with taking protein but i would image too much protein the body can't break it down. >> absolutely. i am glad you brought this up. i have a different take than mark on this. die like the idea of teens going around and taking these protein powders. you have to find from parents what the cause is. are you trying to become a member of the football team because it's the competition between your peers, it doesn't make much sense. it's not just going to lead to more steroids it can cause some illegal drugs and other things. it's not normal. fizz logically a lot of protein
7:38 am
can put pressure on your liver and your kidneys. you can get kidney stones. you start burning fat you can get key ptosis and that's not healthy. the study itself may not be as important. what it brings up is for parents to have open communication with your teens and find out what's going on in their lives. why are they taking these powders. these powders could be treated as another drug or medication. i would not take it lightly. exercising getting good protein a real diverse foods is the way to go. i am a little against this. >> no short cuts. >> i think they need lead to ot things as well. i don't think they are healthy. it is part of an idea of building a body image in a way i don't likenaged hood is such a difficult time for so many. you have to watch them. >> 6 percent are taking steroids. that's not healthy. >> that's nothing short of craze zeal i don't think. it's flu season.
7:39 am
there are so many myths out there that are not making us any healthier. so the doctors are going to help separate fact from fiction. i can't wait for that. coming up next go to health call. keep the questions coming on all of the topics we are discussing here today. the doctors will answer on air. ? yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands?
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>> everyone in your family should have it. myth number 1, you can get the flu from the flu shot, eric? >> it's in there, i think. >> you think you can? >> i will say no. >> you cannot -- you win. you get the gold prize. you cannot. there is only a fro% compliance with flu shots because most people think you can get the flu from a flu shot. you cannot. it's a dead virus. you can get a few symptoms, a sniffle or a fever, it is more or less an allergy to it. you cannot get the flu oucht the big question that comes with the flu, people say, did you get your flu shot? some people will answer, i got it last year, why should i get it this year?
7:45 am
every year, the strain of the flu changes. you really have to prepare yourself. every year you have to get the flu shot to prepare for t. the bigger question online, i'm pregnant, should i get the flu shot. as mark mentioned, it's a dead virus, it is perfectly okay for pregnant women to get the flu shot. you don't want to get the nasal spray because that's a live virus. that's dangerous to pregnant women. my family believes in echinacea and vitamin "c." you are protected. unfortunately, theidate data on this is very weak. i know a lot of people will be disappointed t. may shorten the period of your flushings but it doesn't prevent it. and tamiflu na flu season, shortens the period. i am sorry. z-pack is not the answer. >> wait! wait. you are looking at me. i don't like t. i am about olive
7:46 am
oregano and i am good. >> figet sick i. it is not bacterial, it's virus. how about -- >> the flu is an enabler. even for young people, it knocks you down, you can get sinus infection, bronchitis. you can get secondary infections with the flu. we have to prevent t. wash your hands, isolate yourself if you are stick. stay home from work and school. you can get the flu shot. >> i think what people really want to know, is safe? there is a fear factor, since 1979, that it can affect them in an adverse way. nobody dies from a flu vaccine. 40,000 people die from the infliewnz amount of people don't realize -- 40,000 people -- >> mostly the elderly. we have to protect our elderly. we have to protect our very young.
7:47 am
>> the symptoms are very mild. you may get a fever for 24 hours. it will pass. if you think you got the flu from the vaccine, that's wrong. it takes a couple of weeks for the immunity to build up. >> doctor, you are saying protect the very young. are you saying young kids? >> the centers for disease control are saying, six months and up. they did a lot of study, many from tennessee which showed that kids from six months to two years are getting the flu and they are going to the doctor for this reason. we have to cut it out. they done have full immunity. >> there's the prescription. get the flu shot. >> very good, thank you. >> or your treatment. >> we are laughing at you. >> fineed something, i am calling both of you, bottom line. this is something else that i am very interested in. the american cancer society suggests that women over 40 get yearly mammograms, right. but a new study says it's not
7:48 am
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nothing can reverse copd spiriva helps me breathe better. (blowing sou) ask your doctor about spiriva.
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>> welcome back. there is a new study raising questions about the effectiveness of mammograms.
7:52 am
new research suggests as many as one-third of patients who receive treatment for cancer may not have really needed it. this is alarming. what is going on here? >> a big study that was just published in the "new england journal of medicine" with a follow-up of 30 years. this topic has been very controversial and has been debated for breast cancer. we have had a huge debate for prostate cancer with psa. these two disease -- both breast cancer and prostate cancer are parallels. whatever we say is true about both. they are saying a love cancers we are finding, they may not lead to death, that we are over treating t. costs a lot of money to screen the entire population. as a result, we may find cancers that may not be life-threatening and are being overtreated inform today's time, debating whether we should get psa screening or
7:53 am
mammogram or not is silly because, of course, we need the screening, of course, you need the information. it may result to over diagnosis. but over diagnosis should not mean over treatment. that's where the art of medicine comes in. having experts in the field of cancer to individualize the care. look at a person and find out if they have a family history f. someone has the gene. if they have a loping history of breast cancer, that person should be treated totally different from someone who doesn't have that. one size fits all and say forget screening is extremely dangerous. that's not helping our patient. >> i should get the mammogram? >> i think you should as l. i think, people want to know if they have cancer or not. i think it's up to us as physicians, once we know someone has breast cancer or cancer, to figure out what to do about it. that's where the issue is. over the same 30 years, the authors found a 28% decrease in death from breast cancer.
7:54 am
breast cancer is the number 1 cancer among women. they are saying people are dying less because of the treatment, much more than the screening. i think you need both. you need the screening screeninn an artful doctor to figure out what to do about t. the same is true for prostate cancer. dr. samaudie figures out, based on the diagnosis, whether or not they need to have their prostate out. you need a great radiologist, great surgeon, to trail operate. >> until we understand the biology of the cancer and the genetic secret codes, it will be very difficult to know who will advance to a very aggressive disease, who will die from it and who is not. when you tell someone, the word "c," have you to act on it. the art of medicine and practicing good medicine is the way to go. >> all right. coming up, a viewer email about cold symptoms that just don't go
7:55 am
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>> eric: back to sunday housecall. a viewer email from aaron... i will wondering if have you any
7:59 am
advice for my lingering laryngitis. >> it shouldn't last more than two weeks. you should use warm bmplgs and rest your voice, use a humidifier. if it goes on more than two weeks, see an ear, nose and throat doctor. it can bring on reflux. reflux or allergies. >> eric: dr. samaudie. >> a lot of people smoke and drink alcohol. anything that would bring the acidity in the esophagus can cause the inflammation of the vocal cords. it should pass over two weeks. if it continues, make sure you see your ears, nose and throat doctors because there could be a polyp. there is sometimes other bacterias and viruses that could be doing this. post nasal drip. but a lot of times, these recover on their own. >> eric: we hope everyone gets their voice back. good itee you, every sunday.
8:00 am
>> good to see you, thank you. >> thank you. >> a fox news alert. egyptian president muhammad morsi trying to calm a new uprising, saying his latest decree is temporary. police in cairo, using tear gas, angry with the decree. morsi has given himself almost absolute power by placing himself above all oversight. welcome to a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. >> eric: both supporters of the president, promising massive marches. the government wants to turn out a million people for a protest -- supporting him -- on tuesday. we go to steve hariggan, live from cairo. hi, steve. >> reporter: eric, the number of protesters who are against the president, who think he is trying to put himself above the law, but issuing a decree say
8:01 am
that this courts cannot review any decision he makes are growing here in ta-- tahrir square. security forces are roping back and forth. the military has put up large concrete block, blocking several alweelyways around tahrir square. we'll see large maneuvers, perhaps tonight and competing marchs on tuesday. both those mowho support the president and those who oppose thim him, trying to get their forces on the street to show how much support the president has. judges across the country say they are not going to go back to work, in the president rescinds his decree. the egyptian stock market has tumbled today, the sharpest drop
8:02 am
since hosni mubarak was overthrown. >> eric: with the marches going into next week and the judeficiency and the stock mark, is the president saying it's temporary and morsi will back down? >> reporter: right now, he's saying he is not going to back down. he says he has no intention of back down. he has thrown down the gauntlet. both sides appear to be digging in. if the president does not give nwe should see conflict, and the military could step in here to restore order, if this is allowed to continue here. >> eric: david, seems a troubling week ahead in egypt. live in cairo. good to see you. >> the fragile cease-fire between israel and hamas seems to be holding, with both sides declaring victory. the threat of war with iran still looms. what lessons did israel learn from the latest conflict? what happens if the truth falls
8:03 am
apart. we have a former ambassador to the u.n. and a fox news contributor from tel aviv. i want to start with this, ambassador, what if this truth does not last? it's precarious. and david lee millener jerusalem reporting that the israeli spy satellite is seeing rockets shipped into gaza, which you are going to assume that the rockets are coming from iran to hamas. what do you make of all of this? >> well, i make -- out of all of this... very ominous, very threatening and frag and i'll uncertain situation. we have a truce that has lasted now for about two days. we hope it will hold. but bee -- but we are very, very dubious because we are facing a ruthless enemy who is really at the end of the day, a bloody proxy for iran.
8:04 am
what we saw over the last few days in that conflict was really maybe just a preview of what is to come between israel and iran because everything that hamas did and all the arms they had and all the instructions they got, actually came from tehran. tehran at the end of the day is the big losener this battle because it did not succeed to bring israel down. its proxy was very badly damaged. its head was cut off. and in fact, the truce was broken by three country who is have taken over the leadership of the middle-east, of the region, away from iran who, wanted it and that's egypt, turkey and qatar. so iran is the big loser and i wouldn't be surprised that they would try and start something again. but i hope very much that they learned their lesson because the blows that hamas suffered were very, very severe. and we are on the verge of a
8:05 am
ground incursion, which would have finished them off. the only reason we didn't do it was as a gesture to the united states, to president obama and to the egyptian president, to give peace a chance. we will give it a chance. but if the one rocket is fired at an israeli village or city, we will not stand still, i promise you. >> ambassador, where does israel stand? i heard what you just said. those are strong words. i think that everyone understands prime minister netanyahu's stance there. but where does israel extend the hand of diplomacy, where does israel stand firm? also, as woe are focusing on iran, should isisrael -- should israel be careful not to take its eye off of hamas? >> well, israel extends its hand
8:06 am
in diploam ausall the time. we did this time. we are very receptive and very attentive to the wishes and words of secretary clinton. we cooperated with the egyptian president and we gave peace a chance. we also are doing all we can to make the life of our palestinian neighbors better, both in quality and in the standard of living in the west bank. i think that the one thing that the hamas should watch and especially the people in gaza who are held hostage in this world's largest prison by hamas should watch the way their brethren in the west bank live in peace and safety and security and in prosperity. i think most palestinians really want that. at the same time, because hamas is indeed a proxy of iran, we're not taking our eyes off the ball, neither of hamas, nor of iran. and in a way, what you saw over
8:07 am
the last few days was also a demonstration, which i think iran watched very carefully of israel's military superiority, the prrity and the technology of the israeli air force, the resilience of the israeli people and the superb defenses of the israeli air defense. so if iran wanted to learn something from this, i hope very much it learned its lessons and it would stop its quest for nuclear weapons because if it doesn't, i assure that you it will be stopped. if not, by the u.s. and the international community, as i very much hope it will be, then we will stop it a.m. bass dor, you mentioned the international community. let's talk about egyptian president morsi. high did this power grab, as you know, shortly after brokering the truce between israel and hamas. now he is saying -- we are just reporting that he is saying, hold your horses, everybody, this power grab of mine is only
8:08 am
temporary. does this give you indication that morsi is trying to make sure that he is not flaming the fire there. he has people protesting against him, inside his own country? >> well, i think what we are seeing in egypt and the power grab, as you aptly described it by president morsi, is just another indication of the fact that israel is truly a villa in the jungle. we are the only democracy. you know, israel is the largest parties today, holding its primary, the opposition will have its primaries. we are heading for elections in two months' time. we are surrounded by countries who are totalarrian, autocratic and have no regard for the rule of law and democracy. whoever was hoping that ousting mubarak, who was an ally of the
8:09 am
west and the united states for 30 years, you would get democracy in egypt, i think got a very... very ominous signal yesterday by the acts of president morsi. the people of egypt who went to tahrir square against mubarak, tathey didn't go because of the israeli/palestinian conflict. they went because they wanted freedom, education and jobs -- now it seems that that has been taken away from them. >> listen, we are definitely -- pardon me. there is a time delay there. i am going to thank you, ambassador for your expertese, i am sure we will be talking to you quite a bit in the days and weeks and months to come. thank you very much, sir. >> thank you. >> let me be very clear. i have great respect for senator mccain and his service to our country. i always have and i always will.
8:10 am
i do think that some of the statements he has made about me have been unfounded. but i look forward to having the opportunity at the appropriate time to discuss all of this with him. >> eric: that was u.n. ambassador, susan rice on wednesday, responding to senator john mccain who said he would potentially block her possible nomination as secretary of state. the senator criticized miss rice after early comments about the early attack at the u.s. consulate in benghazi. she went to the sunday news program, calling it a spontaneous demonstration as a result of an islamic video. this morning, senator mccane weighed back in on this again. >> i would give everyone the benefit of explaining their position and the actions that they took. i will be glad to have the opportunity to discuss these issues with her. but why did she say that -- why did she say that -- that al qaeda has been decimated, in her statement here on this program?
8:11 am
al qaeda hasn't been decimated. >> they are on the rise, all over iraq. they are training camps, in libbia. they are all over sirria. they are on the rise everywhere in the middle-east. >> eric: could the controversy derail ambassador rice's possible nomination as the next secretary of state? ford and joe, welcome this morning. >> thank you. >> eric: ford, that's your old boss, highly critical of miss rice. she has a long history with the president. do you expect him to nominate her? >> she should get a confrimplation hearing. blaming the intel is a cop-out and the head in the sand defense won't work. why did she allow herself to be a pawn for the administration, when it is clear within hours or a day, erch close to the matter
8:12 am
knew it was a terrorist attack, yet, five days later, she went on the sunday shows and said, hey, it's a spontaneous protest, in response to a video. she needs to explain herself. senator mccane's -- mccain's right. susan rice is not the problem, the administration is. have you to show independence because your responsibility's to the american people. >> eric: is susan rice the problem? or is it the administration or neither? >> i think what john mccain who, first of all, i don't think i could have done what john mccain did as a prisoner of war. i have the greatest respect for that man. but i think what he did today, he paused and remembered what we learned in the military -- expect what you inspect. he basic low said, look, i am going to give her an opportunity to explain what really did go down. i am going to be an american before i'm partisan. i want to know what went down. then i will make my judgment. i think that's what everybody should do. i think as i have said before,
8:13 am
there are those who happened with certain aspects of benghazi, where it's less than a commanding effort. but all of that said, the accountability review board with the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff on it, just like we had one a few years earlier, needs to get to the root of what occurred and then let's do what the americans want. let's make a decision upon the facts in a very pragmatic way. what people are saying in washington, d.c., trust is our biggest deficit. we need to react on the facts and then that's what should be done. >> eric: ford tseems to some, miss rice has a lack of trust, though she said she relied solely on the intelligence. she said she made it clear that what she was sayinged about the muslim video was preliminary. >> again, blaming the intel is a copout. i think she needs to get the count opportunity to explain herself. she needs to take accountability of her actions.
8:14 am
it cements to be clear, nobody knows for sure, she allowed herself to be a pawn for the administration. if you are going to be the nation's top diplomat, have you to show some independence. yes, have you to have loyalty to the administration. but your responsibility's to the american people. i agree here, the bottom line, we have four dead americans and no answers. we need to get to the bottom of this in a bipartisan way. >> eric: when you use the word "pawn," you say you are part of the administration, you are saying that the administration's lying come and they say it's true. is that a fair characterization? >> why didn't they send secretary panetta or david petraeus or secretary clinton? something tells me those folks would have been better suited for this. but they sent her out there. i think part of the reason was her loyalty. they wanted her to hold the line for the administration. we don't know that. but that's where the arrows are pointing in that direction -- >> if i could, if i could--
8:15 am
go ahead, john. >> with all due respect, ford, when i worked in the white house, we really made sure that we understood that there was -- we never, ever met a one-armed intelligence officer. because they are always saying, onut on the other hand. but when we were given talking points, we stayed true from the intelligence agency that is supposed to give us the information of what goes down. it is not that susan rice is blaming the intelligence agency. if she was telling us she ignored what the intelligence agency had given her, then we would have having a diplomat that is a cowboy -- boy, she should have gone down with what the intelligence agency gave her -- >> but. >> if we can do -- believing that she was given the facts and speak the facts. now, i have no problem with people like john mccain asking to find out -- because he differs. let's get to the facts before we
8:16 am
say someone's a pawn. >> that is the protocol, to follow the talking points. but if the talking points said, hey, the earth is flat -- are you really going to follow them isn't president made this point in the third debate, he knew it was an act of terrorism. i find it hard to believe she didn't think that was a possible. she could have declined the opportunity to speak or say, hey, we need to change the talking points because i know better. you want to put her up, potentially for secretary of state, in this global situation around the world? i think we need somebody -- depending what happens, who is loyal not only to the administration but to the american people. >> i don't want a person who is the ambassador of the united nations to overrule what an intelligence agency has given her -- >> if she dwe will find out afterwards. >> eric: joe, final point. you are a former vice admiral of the navy, on the -- you were the defense attache to the national
8:17 am
security council, do you think she will be nominated? if she is, do you think she will be confirmed as the next secretary of state? >> i served with susan rice at the security council. she is a fine diplomat. if she is -- i don't know, i am not on the inner circle, obviously, but if she is nominated and they finish this investigation and find she did what she was supposed to do and adhered to what the intelligence agency gave her, i think america would be well served. i think you will find out that john mccain will support her because he wants to do what is right for america. >> i agree with russ. if we get to the bottom of this and we from a forthcoming confirmation, then she should have nominated. obviously, she's qualified. she was given a. >> jamie: nan musconsent to the u.n. secretary. obviously, she's there. the question is, again, can we find out where her loyalty lies. >> ford and joe, a prediction
8:18 am
from joe, thank you for joining us, we'll get back to you on that. >> you got a paypal account? get ift up and running. cybermonday is almost here. coming up, in our take charge consumer segment. how to find the best deals and get the biggest bang for your online buck. >> eric: and the power grab by egyptian leader muhammad morsi is creating concerns about the stability for the middle east. with big protest plans. coming up, we will take a look at what it means for us and for the world.
8:19 am
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>> it's countdown time. cybermonday is less than 24 hours away, the monday after thanksgiving, considered the biggest online shopping day of the year. this year, it's anticipated to be the most lucrative ever. in the take charge consumer protection segment, how to find the best cybermonday deals.
8:23 am
look who is here, consumer expert, regina lewis. good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> is it really cybermonday? >> it's interesting. it could be the single biggest online shopping day in internet history. but even if it grows, as it is expected to -- 18%, year over year, it's growing on a base of 10% of all shopping. so if you look at it that way, it's very significant. most of the major etailers are the major retailers, targets, macy's and kohl's and wal-mart. so if one venue is doing larger overall sales, it's my biggest store. cyber-monday used to be about going back to work and doing your shopping. now, people have high-speed
8:24 am
connections at home. >> they do. who is the biggest winner here? and your consumer skip its and holds out for a better deal? >> never underestimate amazon. they sent out an email this morning, declaring it cyber monday deals week. so they're doing deals throughout the week. they are doing a limed time with a finite quantity. so have you to act fast. don't wait for tomorrow. you can start multi-task while you are watching fox newschannel, cyber-shop today. get a game plan in place, following on twitter or making sure you are registered. a lot of people get burned when seconds can matter. it is not enough to have the matter in your cart, have you to complete the process. make sure your address is loaded and keep the credit card you are using. >> i just checked my email. i got an email from, talking about cyber-monday, it's
8:25 am
a cyber week. they have blinking lights and everything. it makes me want to order something. >> we have 30 days to go. you are going to be hearing more and more from amazon. people shop when they can in a down economy. >> expect all fridays to be gig and the first and the 15th and december 17, the last day for free shipping, based on standard shipping. so if i am an etailer, i am willing to absorb the cost. less likely to absorb that, i am going to pass it on to consumers. time is not on your side. the earlier you shop, the better the shipping rates. >> don't wait. >> right. >> we talked about amazon, going to the week thing, wal-mart's saying they are going on drop cyber-monday and they are going to cyber week, going to december 2.
8:26 am
>> it will be interesting reconciling the consumer news with the business report. you will hear the term, pull forward demand. cyber-monday might not shake out because the terms are spread out. they are not single events, they are hourly events over the course of a month because retailers are realizing, people are shopping around their paychecks. it's cash-centric. so they have to have cash on hand. the overlay is when do people get paid? when can they shop? you don't think it's an over saturation on the part of the consumers saying hey, buy now, buy now, buy now. you are saying it may work because you are saying, buy now, but when you can. >> i think people know the reality that people are buying when they can. they are pacing themselves. i might have to spread my purchases out. if there is something on your list that you need, but it is not time sensitive, wait until january when there will be
8:27 am
better deals. if not -- in a cyberworld, you can price comparison shop, if it's touted as a deal, it really is this time of year because it's too easy to search. so the prices have to be competitive and they are dynamic. wait, it was this price, now it's a different price. that's because there are algorithms that watch the competition. if you lower your price on a hot item, i am going to lower it accordingly because i can't afford to be top on the search results. so prices will fluctuate. >> i need a mimosa now. you are confusing me -- >> i'm sorry. >> not you! you are very clear. i mean all the bombardment with the and all of this stuff coming at me. you, my friend, help us sort through t. i appreciate you. >> all right. >> see you next time. >> eric: i agree. it's too much. you know? all of this stuff, thrown, coming at you. try to get an airline ticket,
8:28 am
guto one and a minute later, it's a different price. >> then when you are trying to do emails altwork, they start to send you stuff. >> eric: don't email at work -- >> email -- you are online, reading stories and they start to send you flyers. >> eric: well, it's just beginning. christmas is on its way. so. >> let's get back to the news. >> eric: egypt. that's the top of the news. a new wave of violence has gripped that. president muhammad morsi's power grab has set off more clashes and protests. where does egypt go from here. >> and an american professor, behind bar fist argentin aconvicted of smuggling cocaine. he says, he is the victim of a scam involving a bikini model. what's the truth here? we will take a closer look. >> everyone believes he was set up. it looks like he made a bad decision to accept a bag that she shouldn't have accepted.
8:29 am
but it's a terrible thing to have to spend several years in prison for that. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief. this season, discover aleve. all day pain relief with just two pills.
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>> eric: new concerns over the effect of muhammad morsi's latest decree on the nation. hundreds of protesters have been clashing with egyptian police for a third straight day. and more massive demonstrations, both for and against morsi are planned for the coming week. will morsi's power grab plunge egypt into a new round of uncertainty and shake up the fragile middle-east? or could he back down? aaron david miller is the adviser to the woodrow wilson center. thank you for joining us. >> pleasure to be here. >> eric: are you surprised at morsi, what he did? and how it is now unfolding in egypt? >> the good news is you have a civilian, in theically elected
8:34 am
president. the arab states are much more adept at acquiring power than sharing it. muhammad morsi comes from a party that is exclusivist and comes from the party, the muslim brotherhood and it's my way or the highway. so if there was an opportunity to consolidate power to make sure that the constituent assembly is filled with his supporters, traditional mudz muslims, looking to make it a more conservative, traditional state, he will take it. there is opposition. i just wonder whether the seculars and the liberals have the kind of street cred and fire power in the proverbial streets to really provide an effective counter challenge over time. >> eric: it seems the islamists and the muslim brotherhood would have an upper hand and would win any type of confrontation. >> i think that certainly is the way it's played out over the last year or so. but you have the military waiting very uneasily in the wings. its credibility is on the line
8:35 am
because at the end of the day, it is the military that is still the most powerful force in the country. and charged with securing and consolidating its stability. eric, i think we have to realize, this is a very long movie. since 1950, only 22 countries in the world have maintained their democratic character, continuously. getting into this democratic club is something that is easily promised, but not that easily attained. and egypt is a long way from that. >> eric: what do you think the administration should do? i mean -- they didn't support mubarak and we just replaced one dictator with another? >> it's an interesting thought. you know, we're caught in the anomalous position. in the last week, muhammad morsi became barack obama's new best friend. the president talked to him six times. morsi did extraordinary work in securing the cease-fire, which will probably last in gaza
8:36 am
between israel and hamas. the real risk is that we, the united states, will do the same thing we did with mubarak. we will allow centralization of control, abusive human rights in egypt, if the egyptians play buhl interests that we have, including the peace process. that's the dial we made with mubar ai think we near danger of acquiescing to that with morsi do too. >> eric. >> you mention the president obama, the new york times saying he was impressed with the leader's pragmatic confidence and sensed an engineer's precision with surprisingly little ideology and called him a straight shooter. is that a correct assessment or a misjudgment? >> we can't confuse morsi's long-term objectives, a consolidation of control and making the muslim brotherhood the key political force in the country with his tactics. on the way to do that --
8:37 am
remember, the brothers -- and once a brother, always a brother, even though morsi has technically resigned from the party in order to become president. the reality is that they are here in the long game. they will be here long after barack obama leaves the white house. we have to uphold our value, as well as our national interests. and that's going to eye think present a challenge that was tough for the last administration to walk, george w. bush and it's going to be tough for this one to walk. >> eric: when they say egypt goes islamist and the region is going to go islamist and fall in with iran and egypt and israel, big trouble for israel, what is your prediction? >> irany a different story. i don't think you are in danger of creating a little tehran on the nile. but the reality, this is not an arab spring. this is an islamist spring. when fair and free elections are held in this part of the world,
8:38 am
it is the most ideological, well-organized and most committed parties that do the best. that happened in palestine, in lebanon and in iraq and it's happening in egypt. we have to figure out a way to keep morsi, with the incentives and dis-incentives we have to push toward a pluralist form of government. i have to actual, eric, it's really going to be tough. >> eric: yeah. we are going to have troubling weeks with the demonstration this is next week. aaron david miller, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks. >> we are getting our first numbers in on black friday, shopping. consumer research showed more bargain hunters, heading to the big box stores, but sales have dropped nearly 2% from last year. this as the retail federation predicts 5 million fewer shoppers, compared to last year. what does this say about america's fragile imphee?
8:39 am
brenda, good morning to you. >> hi. >> i want to know, do you think this means that black friday will fade into the shadows? or is the decrease due to cyber-monday, cyber week and the like? >> those are really good points. what we are seeing this year, the holiday shopping season is getting stretched, not only is the first weekend, the big kickoff to the holiday shopping season stretched because we saw so many of the discount stores opening up on thanksgiving to great controversy, but in the end, we saw lots and lots of foot traffic. people wanted to be a part of this. you may want recognize this and i sure don't get t. people love black friday, as an event. they may not be shopping, but they want to be part of the whole event. that's one thing that's goingomp you brought up that we are seeing more shopping days between the beginning and the end of the retail season. that's because thanksgiving is earlier this year.
8:40 am
so we are going to see a lot more people going out, looking, not necessarily spending. and that's because people have more hours during the shopping season, but they don't have more money. and they have more of something. that is, uncertainty. we have the fiscal cliff looming, we have unemployment still. very stubbornly, at highs. people don't have as much money. they have more time. but they don't have more money and they have a lot of uncertainty. >> with all of that, the shoppers just get even more stages. and then, there is this. of course, the retailers are tracking this, the shoppers are smarter. they don't have a lot of money, they have more time to spend t. they are tracking this. what's the takeaway for the retailers. >> retailers have to learn to adapt. they are learning to adapt to online sales. they are not just saying, we open our door, big deal busters,
8:41 am
they are staggering them. basically, it's more safe. but they can bring in more people for different things. there is one advantage that brick-and mortar stores have. they can say, basically, here's a big deal. we are going to sell this big tv for $400 less. they bring in people. then people look around. they see, maybe i need this. they pick up that. for cyber-shoppers, basically, they go in for one thing, there is no real browsing, as much as it is at brick-and-mortar stores. shoppers are smarter. they know if they wait, maybe the inventories will be big and people will have to give deals, closer to christmas. so there is a lot of adaptation by consumers and retailers. >> brend ai'm with you. i am not into the black friday. i like to go into the store and look around. >> you want to feel t. i gotcha. >> all right. thank you so much.
8:42 am
>> thank you. >> eric: and spiking of shopping, how would you like to have almost half a billion dollars in your bank account? the multi-state power ball lottery has reached that record high, at estimated $425 million. we will have a live report and where the tickets are being bought and what the chances could be, next. >> a university professor, convicted of drug smuggling. he says he was tricked into doing it by a pretty face. we will go over the evidence with a former detective. >> i am quite worried if he ended up having to spend years there, i am worried he could die there. it's a very threatening situation. @
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>> a university of north carolina professor is facing years behind bars in argentina. paul fra.on was convicted of drug trafficking with four pounds of cocaine, hid nen his luggage. but fra.on says he is the victim
8:47 am
of an elaborate scam. he claims gangsters, posing as a bikini model, lured him to south america and tricked him into carrying the drugs. the model says she has no idea anyone was using her idea. is professor fra.on be a victim? or could he be a convicted smuggler? we have a former detective here. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is call the the honey trap -- >> that's right. >> he thinks he's going online to meet a beautiful girl. by the way, this is not the first time he has done this. he did it before, trying to meet a pretty girl in china. as you say, rod, we know that the professor is the brightest of the best, in terms of book smarts. but he doesn't have common sense. how will that help his case, though? >> you know, let's start out by saying this, can you imagine this professor going halfway around the world to meet this young, beautiful, vibrant bikini
8:48 am
model and then he winds up meeting the jailer at the argentina jail? >> unbelievable. >> this is unbelievable. but is it possible that the professor could have been duped? i believe it is possible. those types of scams are not totally unusual. what is unusual about this particular case is that have you this individual, high esteem, very intelligent, but lacks common sense, duped into this situation. he claims now, he didn't know that cocaine was inside that briefcase that he was carrying. >> yeah, but now he is in jail in argentina. he is sentenced to four years, eight months, we are not sure how long he am serve. i am sure you have the information that his attorney will appeal the case. what do you think will happen to this professor? do you think we -- he can get out on the lack of common sense? >> ignorance of the law, first of all, is no excuse. there are a couple of other problems with this. as you indicated, it is not the first time this guy has gone
8:49 am
around the world, looking for a beautiful woman to be with. the major problem that i see here is that he allowed someone at an airport to walk up to him and give him this briefcase. now i think it's important for the viewers to understand, first of all, you should never accept any packages from anyone at an airport because you know what? that briefcase could have contain aid bomb. so that's very important. the second thing is that you never meet anybody off the internet and speak to that person verbally over the phone before going halfway around the world to meet them? >> it doesn't make sense. the professor's salary has been cut at the university of north carolina, his colleagues are signing a petition to keep the man getting paid. we will keep a close eye on this. we are not sure, he is stuck in jail in argentin a. i am sure you will keep us posted. >> i will be approximately following this. >> don't take packages from strangers. >> that's right. >> thank you, mr. wheeler. >> thank you. >> good to see you.
8:50 am
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>> eric: if you have heard about the power ball jackpot, up to a whopping $4 triv million.
8:54 am
it is growing as another week goes by. we go live to midtown manhattan, times square to be online to try to get a ticket, where everyone's rushing to get the tickets. you can get almost a half billion dollars. you can imagine if one person won that? do they have enough zeros on the atm to do a half billion dollars? >> i know exactly what i would do with the money. >> eric: anna, get your ticket yet? [chuckles] >> reporter: no. i don't have my ticket. but i tell you, it is up to 425 million and it could be growing. typically, before record drawings, sales really increase in the few days leading up to t. here in the big apple and across the country, the holidays are in full swing and shoppers are thinking about what they could win. >> i am not saying i would take the money and buy junk with it.
8:55 am
i would do manage for humanity. >> it's a lot of people who need help. help myself and help others. >> reporter: here's the odds, to win the jackpot, 1 in over 175 million tomp win $1 million, 1 in 5 million, and the overall odds of winning a prize are 32. many want to own a sports team or fund research to cure cancer, others are hoping to get back in the black. >> i think that everyone i know that is struggling, i mean, come on. nobody can pay their bills anymore. it's bad. i mean, look, hostess is shut down. that's that many more people without jobs. i don't whoil am going to help out, but my family's not going to hurt anyone. >> reporter: what about the twinkies? how much would you owe uncle sam? a lump sam from the august 2012 win of $323 million, the tax
8:56 am
bill on that bad boy would have been $84 million. it could be several million higher as this jackpot grows more and more and more. the preeftion power ball jackpot was $365 million. you remember the winners of that from conagra food workers in 2006. >> eric: thanks. >> we are following a dangerous situation on the ground in egypt. the world is watching after a sweeping power grab by the new islamic president. coming up, retired four-star general jack keane on what to expect next.
8:57 am
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